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Health and Beauty aids

Does your hand cream, shower gel or perfume have a strong brand identity?
Great! Let’s use that identity to find the right label.

Food and beverages

Good wine needs no crown? We buy with our eyes. Do you want your product to stand out on shop shelves?

Industrial and Home Chemicals

The necessary danger signs? The right instructions for use, all combined with a trendy look?

Logistics/ Retail

It is important to get the right product to the right destination on time in every goods flow.


Raw materials, components or parts; the fact is that these products must be made recognizable at some point.

Textiles and Apparel

An anti-theft solution for a clothing ,a label for carpets and all kinds of fabrics.


Thanks to our latest production methods, our labels are very popular in the automotive industry and derived sectors.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our production site in Wommelgem comprises two printing plants. One department works according to GMP standards and specializes in the pharmaceutical sector. The other printing plant is responsible for all other industries.

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